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Alex Ciona is a musician and composer who lives in Canada. Alex is strongly influenced by his hometown's community, culture, and sounds. Alex is drawn to music and musicians that inspire him. He understands the power of sound and performs music that speaks to people across the musical spectrum. 

Alex is known for his piano performance. He is skilled in various genres, including pop, rock, R&B, blues, ragtime, and jazz. He has an excellent understanding of recording and producing music. He enjoys experimenting when crafting music.

Shine, his first album, is his most inspirational album. "I imagined what the world would look like if everybody had the opportunity to ask themselves the questions 'Where is my hope?' or 'What is my purpose in the world?' and what we, as a human race, could create and change together." Featuring his signature piano and pop sound, Shine captures Alex's hope for the future, where people are reunited, rebuilt, and restored with a new measure of hope.

His latest release, Joy, includes traditional Christmas carols portrayed in a modern style. From classical to Celtic, Rock to reggae, the album surrounds the theme of Joy. "Joy captures the essence of hope, love, goodwill, and peace."


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